It’s so quiet in here
You all must have thought I just don’t care
But you know Corona has really tried it…
Turned my bloggin into a diet

Let me know if you dropped any hobbies or what new ones you have picked up during the pandemic in the comments, would love to know what you have been up to!


  1. Hi! It’s quiet, here. Lots of “me” time, since I haven’t been out and about. I am still writing my poetry and taking photographs. Not so interested in cooking fancy meals or practicing the piano, these days. Reading a lot. There is a free workshop via Zoom, Wednesday evenings, hosted by Poetry Heals, that’s contributed to keeping a positive attitude. Life is “settling” around me.

    I hope that you have remained engaged in life around you!


    • Hey Lizl! Oh yes a lot of us are in the same boat there finding a lot of free time with lockdown restrictions. Nice to see you kept at it with your photography and poetry, your work is amazing! Also attending the poetry workshop via Zoom, that’s a great way to stay engaged, happy you found that 
      Yes I’ve used this quarantined time to pick back up on learning languages. I had taken French in school but want to be able to have a conversation with native speakers, then started dabbling in Spanish so that is what I have been up to. Thinking of incorporating the translation on future post to practice my vocabulary.

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      • A poet friend of mine is doing translations from the French of poems, last I read, by Jules Breton. Never found anyone to converse with in another language, but found use for my studies during college. Research material. Sounds like a good idea!

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