Starting the Day With a Bang

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Startled out of her sleep by the loud engine and hydraulics of the garbage truck, her eyes shot open! Mrs. May jumps out of bed and runs straight to the window to see the garbage arm returning the bins to the curb two doors down.

Flustered she quickly runs out the room sans dress coat, flies down the stairs and heads straight to the back porch to grab the garbage out of the bin. The blaring shrill of the house alarm sounded.

Manically, she paced back and forth like Mr. Bean not knowing what to do in that moment. It then occurred to Mrs. May that she just had to disarm the house alarm and ran to the front to proceed. Once disarmed, she saw the big truck slowly passing the front door. She flung the door open so hard that it made a loud bang as it connected with the radiator and she ran down the driveway barefoot shouting “Wait! Wait! Please allow me to grab my garbage around back, I’ll be right back!”

“Yes ma’am no problem! Seems like I caught everyone off guard this morning!” he replied while pointing to two others running behind the truck hauling their trash bags.

With a slight bit of relief she hurried back inside towards the back porch and successful retrieved her two bags. Mrs. May returned to the front where the gentleman was waiting as promised. Yet another neighbor came out and remarked “you never come around this early!”

“My thoughts exactly!” Mrs. May chimed in.

‘Oh we’re not the usual team” the gentleman piped up.  Bulk garbage collection resumed today and since I didn’t see any bulk items I decided to pick up the trash that was set out in the meantime. Your usual team will still swing by later!” Not sure whether to laugh or cry at that response; Mrs. May managed to mumble “great, good to know, thanks!” She patted down her curl formers, turned on her heel and headed back inside.

#COVID19 #STAGESOFREOPENING #FridayFun [on a Wednesday 😉 ]

Tell me about a time you started your morning off with a bang!


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