Guide to Learn a Language From Home toldbyHarris

Salut les gars! J’espère que vous aller bien!

Hi guys! I hope that you are doing well!

Today I wanted to share with you some study tips on how you can go about learning a language from the comfort of your own home. If you’ve thought about taking your basic skills to the next level to be able to have conversations or even if you are starting out from scratch, you will find these tips helpful so keep reading! If my opening greeting didn’t give it away already, I have been working on taking my secondary school French skills to a conversational level. How I have gone about this was to start incorporating French into my daily routine. Let me share with you what this looks like!

So, for starters I have been listening to various French artist. My favorite song at the moment I’ve got on replay is Si on Disait by Matt Pokora and Dadju. I like their separate songs as well but something about their voices together is so melodic! Have a listen!

Then, rather than just binge watch English series on Netflix, I have been watching a few different series in French with the French subtitles on. The top 3 I have really enjoyed so far are Plan Coeur (also called The Hookup Plan), Dix Pour Cent (also known as Call My Agent) and Lupin.

Let’s not ignore social media! Follow Instagram pages in your target language and subscribe to YouTube channels in your target language. If you’re also interested in French I would recommend BENN on YouTube, a French couple who get up to some crazy things! Every Sunday they post a new silly challenge, they’re fun to watch (ils sont amusants!) It makes learning a language less tedious if you are doing things that you would normally do anyway!

With lockdown, came at home workouts. So I have been doing Pilates and different challenges with Sissy MUA. She is a French YouTuber who has kept me engaged with her fitness cardio workouts. You will find that they tend to use the same key words; allez! Respirez bien. Trottiner sur place.  Translation; let’s go! Breathe deeply. Jog in place. This will help to broaden your vocabulary. So find content creators in your target language who post subject matter in areas that interest you; whether it’s cooking, gaming or politics, whatever floats your boat so you can pick up the lingo of things that you will actually want to have conversations about.

Speaking of conversations… find a language partner! I found myself a language partner on italki! If you find you’ve not been able to progress you will find it makes all the difference when you have someone to converse with, especially a native speaker! I never knew language learning sessions could be so affordable! I wish someone had told me sooner which is why I am happy to share this information with you! Sessions start as low as $4.38USD for 30min! Yes, less than a latte at Starbucks 🙂 If you want to find a language partner in your target language, use this link to receive $10 in italki credits. You will get it deposited into your italki wallet 48hrs after your first purchase. Unlike other platforms, you will be able to review their introduction videos to hear their accents. Also their availability schedules are visible which makes it super convenient to select a time and day which works best for you!

What language(s) are you learning and what are some things that you do to incorporate your target language into your daily routine?

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