Gone too Soon

RonovanWrites #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge #272 Empty&Whole

Missing them dearly

Empty, sums up their absence

Love with our whole heart ❤

©Carla Harris 23-Sep-2019

In loving memory of our family and friends we have lost. If you were touched or can relate, feel free to share this haiku and comment below! Xo


  1. I still have poster-sized collages from my parents’ memorial services (about 2 months apart) that I rotate on the wall facing my daytime writing chair. I visit my mother’s web site often. I see them, singly, in my mind’s eye from time to time, and I finally know why my mother visited with her own mother, every day since grandma’s death.

    Thank you for sharing the love.

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  2. Wow, its like when they say when two people are in love they go at the same time that must have been a very difficult for you. My condolences Lizl ❤

    I’ve got a pic of my aunt framed as well by the side table; I glanced at it as I was thinking of the word prompt whole and empty, she inspired this haiku!

    Thanks for sharing your sentiments xo

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