If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, what keeps away the dentist?

It’s like being awake during open heart surgery- frightening!

Ok, so I don’t exactly know what being awake in an open heart surgery feels like, nor do I want to…(and I’m pretty sure the patients are put to sleep) but I’ve seen a lot of medical shows! The picture I was trying to paint there for you is when the doctor is hovering over their patient with a face mask on and the forehead flashlight!

He proceeds to ask his assistant to suction. I swear he asked her for a scalpel too! She handed him a different kind of metal tool though, one with a hook on each end. So that part could have just been my imagination. But what can I say? The bright lights, the sounds of the drilling and suction and seeing the tools certainly intensify the procedure!

Another filling in the books, excuse me while I go take two Tylenol now to counter this tingling from the numbing. Perhaps I should floss more regularly, or am I just a glutton for punishment?

Are you an avid flosser? Apparently flosser is not a word… so, do you floss often? Don’t be shy, this is a safe zone, let us know down below!


  1. brush, floss, water pik, those little tree things that push between your teeth – it all couldn’t hurt, but as i understand it, no study has ever been done on whether flossing actually makes a difference.

    i should google that…



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