Another Day at The Office!

RonovanWrites #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge #271 Fierce&Fever

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Lysol wipes come in handy to sanitize my work area. How do you try to avoid picking up germs at the office?


  1. Much more likely to get sick from the Lysol than from chance-met germs. 😀 When I was employed, our company had a good sick-leave policy, fortunately. Too short-staffed to be able to spread those infections. Sort of funny. My husband went to the drugstore, last night, and bought two boxes of face masks for me to cut down on the fumes of hand sanitizers, soaps, disinfectants, &c. Hoping it will let me get out and about, more, without having to use my nebulizer so often.

    Clever response to the week’s prompt. Enjoyed it!

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    • Ooh no really! :O
      Luckily there are partitions between us, but as I was sitting there teeter tottering with those two words fierce and fever that cough was penetrating through the walls hahaha glad you enjoyed it!
      Aww he sounds like a sweetheart looking out for you! I trust they will help so that you won’t have to and I hope that means that you’re doing well enough to go on that family trip this mth after all!

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