Christmas Feast

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For the final day of Christmas, I am going to join in on the Friday- Fun prompt- Family Portrait. Share a family portrait by photo or words; so, I will paint a picture with words to close out my 12 days of creative writing.

Making our way clockwise around the table; grab a plate and come on the journey with me, hope you all brought your stretchy pants! Spoon out some rice and peas, then a piece of macaroni pie, maybe some extra if no one catches your eye.

Select a golden-brown chicken drumstick that has been fried with love, some turkey with stuffing of course a cut from above. Add some gravy, cranberry sauce, and vegetables too, potato salad and coleslaw so much to chew!

©Carla Harris 23-DEC-2019

What this portrait means to me is family coming together, young and old, taking time out of our busy schedules. Eating, laughing and sharing stories

I’m responsible for the Macaroni pie… there was this awesome video that went viral – “You don’t experiment on Thanksgiving!” Too funny not to share!×1280/hh2fXlwAona3L_RV.mp4?tag=5

So, for obvious reasons I won’t experiment for Christmas dinner either LoL 😀

Wishing you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY HOLIDAYS do enjoy this season with those near and dear to you! What is your favourite Christmas dish that you’re looking forward to?


  1. what a delightful poetic description of the feast and the fun … enjoy your holiday season with your family and friends!

    And thanks heaps for joining in the fun … more of this talent please?

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