The Birthday Adventure Begins

The first stop on this Birthday tour was London.

St. Pancras Train Station was the meet up spot for the group. So, when I landed at Heathrow Airport, I had to figure out my plan B. Gone was my idea to take the Heathrow Express to Paddington Station so that could do some sightseeing and waste time before meeting up later that afternoon at St. Pancras. I had to be more cautious of spending, so I went to the information desk and asked what the cheapest way to get to St. Pancras was from there. The lady at the booth was very helpful and informed me that I could take the Piccadilly line which takes twice as long but it will only be six pounds. Perfect! Point me in that direction I exclaimed!

So, about an hour later I was at the correct station, with about four hours to kill. St. Pancras Station is huge, a lot of nice shops so maybe it wasn’t a bad thing I didn’t have any plastic on me. The down side to it being so big was that I didn’t know exactly where the group was going to meet. I quickly tapped into the group app “anyone else at the station yet?” Turned back to my audiobook and waited patiently for a response.

Ok, maybe not so patiently… About ten minutes later I decided to go over to the information booth and ask. Oh, hey by any chance do you know where the G Adventures group tours usually meet up? “No sorry love, are you travelling by train? Maybe check over by the Eurostar ticket desk.” I went over there and got the same story… “No, I’m sorry. Maybe they will meet by one of these cafes… mind you there are like fifty plus cafes in the station!

Trying to remain calm, I made a couple laps around the station in hopes that something or someone would stand out, and nothing. I found a bench to rest for a bit… and repeat. The second time I rested a notification came through my phone, it was a response! “Yeah I’m outside.” Of course, by this time my phone was on 6% and I could not find an outlet for the life of me. Note for you my fellow travellers this station does not have a charging station. “So, my phone is about to die would you like to be more specific.” “I’m in a black jumper beside two women with children.” No joke that was his response. “I’m in black leggings and a blue backpack” I managed to type back before my phone gave up on me.  So, I did the only thing I could do head outside to start looking for a guy in a black jumper.

I wasn’t out there too long when a young woman tapped me on the shoulder and asked “excuse me are you Carla?” “I’m travelling with G Adventures as well and I saw your description in the chat so I thought I would head out here to meet up with you guys. “Well thank you so much for finding me you’re a life saver!” “I can do one better, you can charge your phone with this” and she pulled out a portable charger and handed it to me. Note to self… invest in a portable charger!

We headed back inside to find a spot to sit down and she replied to the other fellow where we were inside, and he was able to find us shortly after. I would never have spotted him, by jumper he meant sweater. I was looking for a man in a black jumpsuit like overalls. The rest of the group eventually gravitated to the same area and lo and behold I made it, safely to the first leg of my birthday adventure, London.

What is one thing you never leave home without when travelling? Aside from a credit card, I am adding a portable charger to the list! 😉

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