Ok ya’ll, so let me tell you about my MUDGIRL run experience. I’ve wanted to do this obstacle course for quite some time now. My sister and I committed to doing it last year and well, you know did 2020 even exist? So not sure if the event was going to go on as planned this year I didn’t even do anything in preparation for this race. Allow me paint the picture for you a little bit, for those of you who don’t know what the MUDGIRL run is. It is an obstacle course style race that is 5km long and all throughout it you are trudging through mud. You are probably wondering who in their right mind would want to do that! Let me be sure to mention the cause; for the last four years this event has been raising money for breast cancer research. If you’d like to learn more click here. Now I’ve always wanted to do a 5km run, and this one is for a worthy cause… bucket list, check.

I’m sure you’d like to know about some of the obstacles. Everest, the giant pink inflated slide was easy enough to climb and lots of fun to slide down. I also enjoyed the see-saw style obstacle where you walk up one end of the balance beam until you get to the middle, shift your body weight so the lever adjust and walk down. I felt like I was doing a Big Brother challenge or something! There were so many, some obstacles where you had to get down and dirty of course. Those involved crawling through the mud and staying under the net. While others comprised of traversing across a net and climbing a variety of contraptions.

Now an obstacle that caught me by surprise was the one that appeared to be the easiest.  It was a few pink tubes lined up together, it looked like all you had to do was crawl through it like a toddler at a playground. Wrong! Little did I know there was a full body of water awaiting me at the other end. There was a gentleman across the way overseeing this obstacle and he was gesturing with his hands that the water was only as deep as his knees. So that put me at ease a bit. I adjusted myself in the tube so that rather than head first I would pull myself out of the tube feet first. It’s only knee deep I said to myself for some reassurance and lunged out. Mid fall I began to panic because I didn’t feel the ground yet. Although this moment realistically took two seconds, I’m telling you it felt too long for my liking! By the time my feet touched the bottom of the body of water it was like I was standing in the shallow end of a pool, a muddy pool mind you!

Despite having mud in unmentionable areas this course was so much fun I hadn’t even remembered it was 5K. It was the perfect distance with just the right amount of obstacles of different variations. Not too short where you ask, “oh that’s it?” Also, not too long where you start asking yourself,” is this over yet?” You get to the finish line and you are so proud you made it, you give it all you’ve got for that last stretch! Crossing that finish line with my sister was such an amazing experience, we’re already talking about doing it again next year!

Tell me, have you been a part of the #PinkArmy before, or a similar type of obstacle course like Tough Mudder or Spartan? Share your memorable moment in the comments!

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