So This is Canadian Football Eh?

I won a pair of tickets courtesy of Athabasca University to a Hamilton Tiger-Cats football game. My first dilemma was what was I going to wear… I don’t own a jersey; will jeans and sneakers suffice? I ended up wearing a sweater and bomber vest with leggings and boots. It was a bit nippy in the stadium, next time I will remember a toque and a scarf!

Parking was a little crazy down there, everyone and their grandmother were selling not only their driveways but their front lawns for people to park on $20. So my tip would be to head down their early, use the pre-authorized pay ahead parking options or take advantage of the bus shuttle services. It is actually a thing that fans can ride free by showing your game ticket. I didn’t know that ahead of time unfortunately, next time 😉

Now If you are a first timer like me, don’t get caught being a deer in headlights because you didn’t know the Ticats fan chant. I was like Oskee what!?   

So, here’s how it goes friends!

“Oskee Wee Wee

Oskee Wa Wa

Holy Mackinaw, Tigers, Eat ‘em raw!” 😀

The atmosphere was amazing! Every time they scored a touchdown, fireworks went off I was so fascinated!

#42 Rob Hitchcock got inducted on the Wall of Honor at halftime. He took us down memory lane in his speech and the crowd got to their feet as he and his family were driven round the field in the back of a pickup. That was a pretty cool experience to be a part of!

Wall of Honor Presentation

It was interesting to see that they subbed in an entire line up at a time. I am more of a basketball girl so I’m used to one or two players be subbed in and out at a time. Then as the game went along, I understood they were changing the offensive and defensive lineups.  The two main guys I remembered for the night were Frankie Williams and Brandon Banks. Williams was taking Eskimo players out left, right and centre! As for Banks he was like a track star on the field, so quick and scored one of the touchdowns.

Some pics throughout the game

Now to answer your burning question…. So, did they win? YES!

The Ticats kicked some butt!  Winning by a score of 42-12 The Hamilton Tiger Cats won the game which led to more fireworks being set off and big smiles on everyone’s faces! I’d definitely do that again and hopefully get to learn more about game.

Do you have a fun experience you’d like to share from a sporting event? Who is your favourite CFL team?

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