Interlaken, Switzerland (Activities)

Orientation Walk- Day 1

Interlaken Day 1

We tackled a lot on the first day. It started out with an orientation walk around the town of Interlaken itself. The water was this magnificent hue of aquamarine, I could have just stayed there and gazed at it all day!  It was a little nippy that morning so when we got into town, I found the perfect place to grab a Mocha from. The place was called Funky Chocolate Club, where I proceeded to “get chocolate wasted” as encouraged by their slogan!

@ Funky Chocolate Club

Part of the group split off to go spend the day at the Lake after the orientation walk was completed. As beautiful as it was, I branched off with the group that wanted to go explore this nearby village called Grindelwald (yes, just like the wizard in Harry Potter!). One of my hostel roommates had shown us this video of people tobogganing in the Bernese alps which looked like loads of fun and so we were determined to find it. We hopped on a train that took about thirty minutes to reach there. The train ticket cost around $17 CHF (Swiss Francs). Once there we had to take a cable car (or funicular as I’ve heard it referred to on The Amazing Race), up to the peak where the tobogganing took place. That was another $12 CHF. I noticed that is were the cost on this leg of the tour quickly added up, between the trains and the cable cars, the tobogganing itself however was reasonable, only $6 CHF per lap.

Arriving at Grindelwald Train Station
The Tobogganing Chalet
Up, Up and Away!

Now if I thought I was afraid of heights, I can consider that fear concurred! I mean check out this view from the cable car (below), I couldn’t close my eyes I was mesmerized!

View from the cable car!

We hung out at the peak of that mountain for a while before it was time to start heading back to make it on time for the group dinner. It was such an incredible experience sitting there at the edge of the mountain like that, all my worries behind me.

The end of the toboggan ride/Sitting at the edge of a peak

The group met back up for dinner later that evening, everyone shared their stories for the day.

Switzerland is known for their fondue, unfortunately being lactose intolerant I passed and kept it simple and went with the chicken. I had the choice of getting it served with rösti (hashbrowns), boiled potatoes or French fries, so I went with the boiled potatoes. Simplicity at its finest and it was delicious!

Chicken and Potatoes

Interlaken Day 2

Involved more thrilling train and cable car rides! As a result, I was pinching my Swiss Francs hoping I wasn’t going to have a long walk ahead of me! While many of the group members had an exciting date with a paraglide. I went with the mini group on a hike, (me who hates walking, I know!). What was supposed to be one to two hours ended up taking half the day… I’m still not sure how my legs survived!

Train Station

We took a train to another village called Lauterbrunnen for this adventure, that’s where our hiking trail began. It hugged this long river where the water flowed rapidly along. We could see paragliders in the distance, floating close to the mountains. Our group leader assured us that its just professionals who do it in this area so close to the mountains, that our friends will be fine in a more open space. That seemed factual as it was just one individual per paraglide, rather than tandem jumpers.

Hiking along the trail

When we got to the end of the trail, we took a cable car to another village called Gimmelwald. There we saw lots of timber chalets, alpine meadows and animals. One of the chalets was a store called the Honesty Shop. Essentially its an unattended shop with antiques, souvenirs, trinkets, cheese and beverages etc… available for purchase. All items were marked with the price and people are expected to be an ‘honest” shopper and leave the right amount behind for their purchases. That was a neat concept to see!

4485 ft. High
Timber Chalets
The Honesty Shop

We took another cable car to go even higher up the mountains to Mürren.  If you can take a trip out to Switzerland, I highly recommend it! So many more extraordinary views from there! We even got closer to the paragliders we had seen from down below. The detail of the ice capped mountains was much more vivid from up there as well!

5374 ft. High
Up close and personal with the Alps!
There’s a paraglider!

What are some other beautiful places you would recommend for breathtaking views?

I have to start planning my next trip after all 😉 Let me know down below!

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