Interlaken, Switzerland

We arrived into Interlaken Ost kicking and screaming like children…

Ok so not exactly, it was more like running and screaming, allow me to elaborate.

En route to our next destination via train; I was caught up in my phone replying to my Facebook birthday messages while I had a Wi-Fi connection. I vaguely heard one of the group members say “Hey Megane, it says Interlaken, isn’t that where we’re going?” That quickly followed a loud shriek “GUYS GET OFF THE TRAIN!!!” A few leapt to their feet grabbed their backpacks and were gone! While others took their time wrapping up their food… “LEAVE THE FOOD!!” Came Megane’s voice again, “AND SOMEONE STAND BETWEEN THE DOOR SO THE TRAIN DOESN’T MOVE OFF!”

OMG, OMG, OMG, please don’t let me get left behind on this train… that’s all I remember thinking to myself. Running down the train corridor and jumping off, a few more stragglers behind me and then Megane. Un, deux trois, quatre, cinq… she franticly started counting us as the train pulled away. Treize, quatorze, quinze, seize, whew! With a sigh of relief, everyone was accounted for, all sixteen of us.

“Sorry about that guys, we got here earlier than scheduled, that will not happen again” and then she started laughing hysterically. We followed her gaze and one of the group members was standing there with his sunglasses on missing both lenses. We all joined in the laughter asking him how he managed that in the chaos.

We started walking to the hostel, still every jovial about our latest adventure, almost missing our stop and all. When a guy runs out of the hostel “Shhh Shhh keep it down!” “You need to keep it down around here at this time, people are sleeping!” Mind you it was only 10 o’clock at night.

After being slapped with a noise violation from Balmers Hostel, Megane got us all checked in. Trying to find our rooms was like being lost in a maze. So many fights of stairs, some were dead ends. I remember placing my luggage down on one of the landings and saying someone tell me when you find room 57… I‘ll just be resting here. As I took in my surroundings it looked like Coca-Cola threw up in this building. Many go on vacation to get away from work and at this point it felt like I would be staying at Coca-Cola Headquarters for the next few days. Our room was at the very top, perhaps a late build on in the attic. The showers were like little closets located three floors down from our room. One thing I did appreciate was the beautiful view just outside the room in the morning. 

Coca-Cola ad’s and lounge area throughout the hostel
Inside room #57
The scenery just outside our room

So that does it for our grand arrival, stay tuned for what we got up to over our next two days in Interlaken, Switzerland. Have you ever missed or almost missed your stop on public transportation? Share with us your story below!

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