The Fake ID

For my 10th post I decided  to post a story that I started working on 10 years ago! I’m excited to share the intro with you, hope you like it!

The Fake ID

     Allison Murray mentioned to me today in class that she saw Daren at Seven Lounge with some horse hair wearing bimbo. I don’t imagine she would just make that sort of thing up… Ugh! I’ve had it up to my course roots with all these accusations about Daren hooking up with some other chick. If I hear “Are you and Daren OK?” one more time, I’m going to scream! I mean, it just can’t be true. When would he find the time? He works late on a regular basis, and when he is free, he goes by his brother’s club to lend a hand. We talk a few times each day, but it’s not like we see each other every day… OMG, did I just answer my own question? This whole time; could he have been feeding me bullshit lines about having to work late? Telling me he couldn’t chill with me because he had to help his brother out and he would be getting home late, that was probably all just a cover. Seriously, why didn’t I realize this sooner! I’ve been getting played and everybody knew it but me! 
I can’t just call him up and accuse him of cheating… can I? No, I need some solid evidence; this sounds like a job for Joey Greco! Ok definitely not, I’m not about to star in an exclusive Toronto episode of Cheaters! That doesn’t change the fact that, I need to get to the bottom of this. I should just show up at the club Saturday night unannounced. Hmmm… to do that though I need to get my hands on a fake ID.
Donnah nah nah donnah nah nah… the chime from the train interrupted my thought in time for me to see the doors close as it pulled away from the Bloor-Yonge station. “Shit!” I just missed my stop! 

Sound like something you want to hear more of let me know in the comments!

Have you written a short story? Share the link below I would love to read it!


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