Written in response to the “What Do You See? June 4/2019 Photo Prompt: https://wordpress.com/read/blogs/114606475/posts/11363

Grey kitty, grey kitty what do you see?

I see a white kitty looking at me… wait that sounds familiar!

Ok, so my poetry skills aren’t that sharp, let’s scrap that and skip to a short story:

The grey cat reaches the rooftop and bellows,

“Where is that pesky fellow? I came for my money!”

”Oh Hi One Chain! He just scurried away, he heard you coming.”

“What kind of preppy feline runs out from a picnic on the roof without coughing up the dough?”

“I… I… I don’t know.”

“Something smells fishy around here!”

“Well, we did have sardines.”

“You wait till I see him again, I’ma cough him up like a fur ball!”

Feel free to share what you see from the image in the comments below!


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