It’s not only Damnit Maurie who needs to learn some coffee run etiquette!

So, I’m enjoying my favorite morning show on KISS 92.5 on the drive into work this morning… when Roz brought up what happened when he sent Maurie on a coffee run.  This topic really resonated with me as I too have had my own dilemmas with the office coffee run. So what is appropriate and what isn’t?

Well it certainly is not appropriate for someone to take your $20 and treat themselves to a coffee, breakfast and a snack on your dime. Just to bring you back your coffee and some coins.  This was the scenario Roz found himself in. He offered Maurie to treat himself to a coffee as he was doing him a favor. Maurie came back with a Chai Tea Latte, a protein box and a slice of banana bread! That quickly added up to $17! Roz’s coffee was only $3 at most, Maurie thought it would be cute to pitch in $5 for his $17 picnic… Damnit Maurie! That was NOT OK! 

In my experience a colleague asked me to grab her a Chai Tea Latte (ironically) from Starbucks as well. This is why this conversation hit home with me this morning and I was laughing so hard at the situation. In my case when I approached her for the money, she started searching through the bottom of her purse for change. She came up with $2 in nickels and dimes then responds sorry I know it’s more than that, but that’s all I have do you mind? Yes, I mind because I wasn’t going there to begin with, I had already stopped for my coffee in the morning. Now, not only am I going out of my way to do a coffee run for you, I’m short changed too. -Not appropriate!

I’ve had another colleague ask, “Hey when you go on lunch can you grab me a coffee?” So, lunch rolls around, I go up to him and ask what he wanted. He writes down Double Double with a shot of caramel and I’m standing there awkwardly waiting for the money… when he realized his response was either “oh I don’t have any change though” or “I’ll get you next time” (Yes, it happened on more than one occasion). He had also done the, *sigh* “I guess I have to give you my bank card” routine. -Not appropriate!

Please refrain from doing that folks, it makes your colleague feel guilty for running out to get “your” coffee with “your” money. For the record, I have no problem going out and doing a coffee run! My message for the repeat offenders, please just mind your manners and be respectful of other’s circumstances.

The take away of Coffee Run Etiquette:

  • Do remember that your colleague is also trying to make a living, so please be mindful of putting them out. If you don’t have the money for your share, kindly pass.
  • If your colleague is treating you, don’t abuse their kindness, keep your beverage order to equal or less than the value of their order.
  • You are not required to; but adding to the above note, be thoughtful and reciprocate by getting the next one.
  • We all have different traditions and customs; basic etiquette is not so common. However, kindness is a two-way street so treat others the way you want to be treated.

Have you found yourself in a coffee run dilemma of your own? Please share in the comments!

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